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5 types of rewards that a UChoose VISA Debit cardholder can redeem

July 02, 2016

Having a way to make purchases online or being able to go to a mall without having to carry cash is safe and very convenient. An excellent way to do this is to get a UChoose VISA Debit card. This card gives cardholders an opportunity accumulate points. These points can be redeemed in many ways:

Five Types of UChoose VISA Debit Card Rewards

Points earned on the card can be redeemed for the following 5 types of rewards:

1. Gift Cards - These cards are available from many retail stores, restaurants, and other stores.

2. Event Tickets - Buy tickets to popular events.

3. Activities

4. Merchandise - Many merchants have products available in the online shopping store. Points on the card can only be redeemed at this store.

5. Travel and more - Buy airline tickets, and more.

There are many different ways to spend your points at the card’s online shopping rewards store. In addition to the above five types of rewards, cardholders can also use points to download MP3s and video games.

How Points Are Earned

UChoose cardholders earn points at a rate of one point for every two dollars spent on the card. In order to earn points, it is necessary to sign for the purchase, or to use your PIN. Card owners must accumulate up to 1,500 points before they can be redeemed. Points from purchases may take up to 40 days to be posted to the cardholders account.

Where the Card Can Be Used

Because it has the VISA logo on it, it can be used almost everywhere. Nearly all major stores will accept a VISA card, letting you make purchases there.

The card can also be used to buy merchandise from major retailers through the online site. More points are earned when you do. Retailers include department stores, restaurants, auto repair shops, and stores such as:

  • Macy's
  • OfficeMax
  • Dell
  • Barnes & Noble
  • WalMart
  • Petco

Keep Track of Rewards Through Your Mobile Device

Every cardholder can access their account and view information about it. A downloadable app lets you keep track of points earned and current point value through your mobile device such as iPads, iPhones, iTouch, or Android. With your mobile device, you are also able to scan a UPC code and find out if the item is available through the online store. This can help you earn even more points.

Withdraw Cash From Select ATMs

If you need cash, you are able to withdraw funds from your debit card at many ATM machines. You can do this not only in the United States, but also at many ATM's around the world.

Are you interested in collecting points as you use your card? The UChoose VISA Debit card gives you the flexibility to earn points for the specific rewards you want.

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