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ACH Fraud Filter

Fraud is an ever-present worry for many businesses. Protect your account from electronic fraud by utilizing ACH Filters.

ACH Filters provide an essential added layer of security towards safeguarding your assets by automatically blocking or filtering out unauthorized ACH transactions.

You can either block all incoming debits with ACH blocks, or designate a list of authorized debits/credits with filters. If the ACH Originator is not on the authorized list you provide, we will return unwarranted transactions. Here is how it works:

You can choose to allow or return ACH debits, based on criteria you define. We can also set up your account to automatically allow or automatically return all debits. You can receive email or test alerts when the ACH debits arrive.

ACH Filter also gives you the ability to block specific companies at an account level. You are able to set up a pre-authorized companies list, and identify trading partners who can originate ACH transactions, within the dollar limits you specify. Only transactions that match your criteria post on your account.