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ACH Manager Service

Manage your business accounts using our ACH Manager Service.

Our ACH Manager Service provides a fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective system to manage your receivables and payables using electronic debits and credits to send or collect dollars from any financial institution in the United States.

  • Originate ACH debits for Accounts Receivables
  • Originate ACH credits for direct deposit to employees (allow 2 business days)
  • Originate ACH credits for Accounts Payables
  • Secure integration
  • One-step entry efficiencies
  • Auto-fill fields minimize keystrokes
  • Collections control and efficiency
  • Custom reporting features
  • 1:00 pm cutoff considered current business day
  • Expedite turnaround on Accounts Receivables
  • Improve cash flow forecasting and management
  • Reduce account reconciliation and risk
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve your payment processing efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduce risk of fraud

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