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Celebrate Black History Month at Miller Center

January 21, 2020

Community is important to us at Bank of the James. We believe in celebrating culture and heritage while working toward a better future, and we want to let you know about an opportunity to celebrate that this February: the Black History Month Celebration and Sunday Supper!

Community Celebration

On Sunday, February 2, starting at 3 PM, the Miller Center will host a free presentation in honor of Black History Month. This presentation will be provided by the Legacy Museum of African American History and will feature a concert by the New Heritage Singers of Heritage High School. Following the presentation, the community will have the opportunity to enjoy a “Sunday Supper”-style meal of traditional soul food.

Black History Month is important to us, and we know it’s important to this community, as well. A healthy community is defined by unity, inclusion, recognition and equality, and we want to see Lynchburg succeed in all of those areas. Healthy relationships among the members of the community are basic ingredients for this prosperity, and building these kinds of relationships is what we’re all about. Doing so requires kindness, friendship and service to one another, and we see that in Lynchburg. We also see the need for that to continue and improve.

Building A Legacy

One thing that we have in common with our friends at the Legacy Museum is that we want to build a bright future and leave a good legacy for families. That’s often done by looking at events of the past, remembering the good and the bad, and choosing to make better decisions in the future. This goal for a prosperous future based on friendship and trust is one reason why people bank with us. It’s also a reason why learning about and celebrating history is so important to the health and success of a community.

Black History Month reminds us of struggle and conflict, prejudice and inequality. But it also reminds us that those things can be remedied and overcome. Because of that, we know that there is hope for the future. The negative experiences of the past don’t need to be repeated, and the positive ones can be used as inspiration. We can learn from all of them. We can recognize our fellow humans as equals, no matter how different they may be from us.

That’s why Bank of the James is sponsoring this Black History Month Celebration and Sunday Supper. We believe in the mission of the Legacy Museum and the goal of unity presented by this celebration. We believe in the future of Lynchburg, and we strive to do our best to provide for the financial and relational needs of all residents who choose to do business with us.

Save the Date!

So come and join us at 3 PM on February 2 at the Miller Center (301 Grove Street) as we celebrate our community and our goal to bring unity within our borders and beyond

The concert will be free, but the Sunday Supper will cost $15 per adult and $8 per child. You can purchase meal tickets at the Lynchburg Parks & Rec website. But hurry—the deadline is January 31!

We hope to see you there!