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Check Fraud Protection

P1000121Use Check Fraud Protection to secure your funds and transactions.

Bank of the James is committed to providing state-of-the-art fraud protection services to keep our customers’ funds and transactions safe and secure. Our Positive Pay service helps significantly reduce your exposure to check fraud by allowing you to view potentially fraudulent items before they clear the bank. Our matching and validation process allows you to quickly identify checks that are inconsistent and, in turn, provide you the opportunity to review suspicious items efficiently and make timely payment decisions. We’ll only clear checks you’ve authorized.

How it works

Each time you issue checks from your accounts payable system, you will have the option to upload a data file or manually enter check information into our online system. Using the check issuance data you create and report to us, Bank of the James will match all checks being presented for payment against your issuance information. If a check serial number and dollar amount match an issuance record, we will pay the check automatically. If there is a discrepancy, we will report the check as an “exception.” Based on your review, “exception” checks will either be honored and paid or rejected and returned.

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