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Choosing the Right Bank for Your Family

January 17, 2020

At Bank of the James, we’re a local bank with the amenities and services of a big bank. We were founded in 1999 with a commitment to building relationships and being a local organization that our customers can trust. While we have grown much in the past 21 years, our foundation retains the same focus and resolve to serve the community as it did on day one, and it’s one of the many reasons why customers come to us.

Friendly Staff

The feedback we receive most often at Bank of the James is that our staff is friendly and capable. In our book, those two traits are non-negotiable. We’ve seen it make all the difference in making (and keeping) a relationship with a customer. Many people have had negative experiences with the corporate nature of bigger banks. They want to keep their money and financial activity local and with people who they know care about them—so they turn to us. In fact, our staff makes such a difference that word-of-mouth has been a powerful factor that brings customers to us. It shows and reminds us just how important a personal connection with a customer can be. We seek to make that connection with all of our customers, so that they feel comfortable and at ease.

Many Options

We offer a comprehensive list of banking services, with options that fit our customers’ specific needs. For example, We offer an array of personal checking accounts and student accounts, as well as mortgages, loans, credit cards with rewards, business solutions, e-banking and more (with no hidden fees). We even offer interest-bearing checking accounts with competitive rates that include free checks!

Furthermore, we offer the electronic money transfer system Zelle®, and our mobile banking service provides everything you need to manage your money on the go (including mobile check deposit, live updates and card blocking for lost or stolen bank cards).

Helping You Be Prepared

The long-term goal of a good bank is not only to help you keep track of your money and keep it safe, but also to look to the future. With Certificates of Deposit, Health Savings Accounts, IRAs, money market accounts and even safe-deposit boxes available, we seek to help you ensure that your financial future is promising. While you make money today, we provide the means to help you save it for the things that matter, like healthcare, schooling and retirement. Even our student checking accounts are designed to help your children learn to manage their money and prepare for their schooling, necessary purchases and future careers. As a community bank, we understand how important financial security is to our customers. We want to help you succeed no matter what you choose to do with your money.

We’re Growing!

Since 1999, we have expanded to 19 branches in 13 Virginia communities. We have over 150 employees who are committed to our mission of superior customer service. We are not a national corporate bank, and don’t want to be. Our goal is to provide quality service and a friendly face wherever we are and to help with the financial needs of our customers in a professional and caring manner.

So if you’re looking for a bank that’s right for you, your family and/or your business, you can trust Bank of the James to provide you with what you need.