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Meet Expert Nearby – Your New Financial BFF

November 17, 2017

Here at UnBranch from Bank of the James, our goal is to provide top-quality banking services in a new kind of environment. Gone are the days of a stuffy local branch, with intimidating counters and offices, separating bankers from customers behind a wall of glass. Instead, UnBranch provides a more casual environment filled with technological goodies creating a banking experience that is equal parts welcoming and informative. We actively work with you to manage your finances, to help you meet your goals and achieve your dreams.  

With your specific goals in mind, we are proud to introduce one of our favorite services to the public – Expert Nearby. Imagine connecting with a financial expert whenever our doors are open, and picture having access to a range of banking specialists in most financial areas during times that fit your busy schedule.

Sound too good to be true? It isn't, and it's right in your backyard! 

Here's how it works – visit the UnBranch during regular business hours, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and ask one of our talented employees about speaking with a financial specialist. They will guide you to the Expert Nearby room and show you how to connect via video conference to whichever financial specialist best meets your needs. Once connected, it's time to get down to business. Chat as long as you like…our experts are here to make the banking process work for you. 

We hear a lot of feedback praising the personal connection provided by Expert Nearby. Even though you are speaking with a financial expert via a large conference screen, they are 100% engaged in helping you unravel your financial questions and provide answers. Sometimes that means chatting about your day, your business, and your family – after all, the best service comes from truly getting to know your customer. These face-to-face conversations lead to real solutions that work for your specific needs. For those who use the service on a regular basis, it also allows our team to create connections even when they are miles apart from their clients – so no more impersonal emails or faceless online chats. Expert Nearby is a personalized experience that keeps getting better over time. 

No one likes having to spend all day at the bank getting a simple question answered. Because this experience is distraction-free – no more ringing of phones or overhearing conversations from the next office – financial issues are resolved a little faster than you might expect. We want to get you moving on your goals as quickly as possible! In many cases, this means potentially signing mortgage or loan paperwork right then and there. If there is a waiting period to solve your financial needs, we promise to keep it short and sweet.

Interested in Expert Nearby? Stop by the UnBranch and say hello! We're always available to lend a helping hand.