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Top 5 Convenient Banking Features

October 14, 2016

Most people are aware of the typical services a bank offers, such as checking accounts and loans. But there are so many more features that can be offered. Below are 5 of our most convenient banking features to help you get the most out of your banking experience.


Using a debit card is much easier and more convenient than using paper checks. However, there are many things your debit card can do that you may not be aware of. By using the CardValet app you can manage your money in ways you didn’t know existed. Add a location boundary to your debit card, to prevent it from being used outside of your hometown if it’s stolen. You can even turn your card off if you lose it to prevent fraudulent purchases, or turn on notifications for each purchase made with the card. CardValet has many other exciting features to help you manage your money the way you want without compromising safety.

UChoose Rewards

Most debit or credit cards will offer you rewards of some kind for being a loyal member. But what if you got to choose what you wanted in return? UChoose Rewards gives you this opportunity. Bank of the James’ Debit Card provides you with points for every purchase, and once the points are applied, you can pick from gift cards, merchandise, travel opportunities and more!

Christmas Club

When the time comes to start Christmas shopping, you may find yourself wishing you had started saving months ago. With a Christmas Club account, you can do just that, and it couldn’t be easier! Bank of the James allows you to schedule automatic deposits into the account, and at the end of the club year you’ll receive all your club funds back in one direct deposit sum. The account is renewable annually, so you can start saving for next year right away.

Health Savings Account

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) were created in 2003 so that those with a high deductible health insurance plan would be able to receive tax-preferred treatment of money saved for medical expenses. Businesses who offer an HSA along with a high-deductible insurance plan can be a great way to decrease healthcare costs across the company. At the same time, you offer employees a cost-effective way to pay for their expenses.

Overdraft Protection

No one likes paying overdraft fees or having their card declined due to lack of funds. But, you have the ability to protect yourself from these mishaps. Bank of the James offers the ability to have money automatically transfer from linked accounts to cover the overdraft. You can also attach and Overdraft Line of Credit to your checking account. With the Overdraft Line of Credit, funds are automatically transferred from your line of credit to your checking account to cover the amount overdrawn, up to the line of credit available which is established by the bank.

When shopping for a bank, ask if they have any of these features. You can use any or all of these features to help manage your money more effectively.

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