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Why bank with Bank of the James?

Learn why thousands of Virginians rely on Bank of the James for their everyday personal banking, business banking, mortgages, loans and more!

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Managing your money wisely and achieving your financial goals starts with a solid plan.

Get started by building your budget with this simple spreadsheet!


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What will $100 get you?

If you are looking to trim your budget, start by considering what $100 will get you. No matter what you enjoy, you can weigh the value of little luxuries against your total budget.

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Money Management Made Simple

Little (and big) expenses tend to stack up. So, we offer several tools to help you manage your money. Free online bill pay and mobile money allow to pay on the go.  You can check your balance at a glance and control your account from your smart phone. 

With an account at Bank of the James, you can easily manage your money using one of our many convenient features.

Innovative, easy to use, and secure banking technology

Don’t have time to swing by the bank to deposit a check, transfer funds, or manage your accounts? No problem! With Bank of the James’ cutting edge online banking technology, banking from your mobile device or computer is easier than ever before.

Because we offer the finest security features, your accounts are safe, secure, and easy to manage when you need to. 

Concerned about security?
Check out our top tips for banking safely. We recommend that all of our customers take the following precautions to optimize security while banking online.


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10-step-debt-freeStraight-forward accounts with no “hidden fees”

“The big banks haven’t come close to what Bank of the James offered me,” said one happy client. 

When you’re trying to save money and build wealth, it’s crucial to reduce unnecessary fees wherever possible. Why not start with your bank account? When you work with Bank of the James, we take the time to help you make sure that you’re getting the most out of your account.

Are you currently saving money to pay off debt? Download our free eBook to help you manage your debt in 10 easy steps!


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  • “The electronic check deposit is one of the main features we like and use a lot. We don’t have to go to the bank as soon as we get a check. We can electronically put it in our account!”

  • “When I call Bank of the James, I typically talk to the same people. They know me, they know my situation, and they always offer me great service!”

  • “It’s so easy to navigate online banking with Bank of the James. The app that I have on my phone is really nice. I can go on my phone and see my accounts, pay bills - it’s all right there!”