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What will $100 get you?

March 13, 2017

If you were given one hundred dollars, what would you do with it? Would you splurge on a new pair of shoes? Save it for a rainy day? Do something you have always wanted? Make an extra loan payment? It may be hard to visualize what $100 can get you in today’s economy. It may be even harder to decide what to do with that money. Here are some examples of what you can get with $100 to help you with your budget planning for the year.


Depending on what your normal order, the average cost of a Starbucks drink is around $3. If you decide to splurge on a venti mocha with soy, you’ll rapidly approach the $5 range. Either way, loading an extra $100 on your card will keep you caffeinated for a few weeks.

A Pizza Party

The average cost of a pizza is around $10. If you’re good at finding coupons, you may be able to get twice the number of pizzas in a two for the price of one deal. Either way, $100 in pizza is enough to feed all your friends.  

Take a Class

Have you always dreamed of writing creatively? Were you inspired to pick up golf after watching an intense game? Have you always wondered what it is like to create pottery? For around $100, you can take a class, and sometimes even a series of classes on a topic that interests you.

Go to an NFL game

Depending on what team you want to see and the stadium, you can sometimes find seats for $100 or less. They are nosebleed seats, but watching the game in person is an entirely different experience than watching on your couch.

While there are many fun things you can do with $100, there are also a few ways to help your future self out financially.

Make an Extra Payment

Let's assume a monthly payment on a $25,000 student loan is approximately $280. Making one extra $100 payment every now and then can help you pay off your loan faster and accrue less interest. The same goes for credit card debt, car payments, or any other type of debt or loan you may have.

Start a Christmas Club Account

$100 can provide a great start to a Christmas Club account. When you create a Club account, you can deposit into the account throughout the year, and even schedule payments to come out of your account automatically. At the end of the Club year, you get your account balance deposited back to your checking or savings accounts. A Club account is a great way to save for Christmas presents for your family.

What will $100 get you?

The next time you find yourself with a little extra cash, keep in mind that the fun things may not be the best plan for your future. Even when you have thousands of dollars in debt, an extra $100 can help alleviate a future payment. When you are budgeting for your future, be sure to account for some fun, but plan for a financially stable future, too.

Keep your budget and financial goals organized.