At Bank of the James, it is our mission to support our community and help your business thrive. Founded on the principles of entrepreneurism and with a genuine spirit to serve our customers, the commercial banking team at Bank of the James exemplifies the meaning of a community bank.  Our local lenders work with you to understand your business goals and tailor financing options to assist in your success.

Business Credit Card

Manage your day-to-day business expenses more effectively. Use a Bank of the James business credit card for purchasing office supplies, entertaining clients, or other short-term payables. Bank of the James can establish credit limits for individuals within your company to fit your business needs.

Talk with a member of our Business Banking Team today to discuss your business credit needs. All loans and lines of credit approval are subject to the bank’s underwriting criteria. 

Business Expansion

Look to Bank of the James for financing solutions to assist with business acquisitions or mergers. Let us help you implement your long-term plans through banking products specific to your transaction. 

Business Installment Loans

We offer term loans to provide funding for a variety of business expenses. Business installment loans provide financing at fixed or variable rates to purchase equipment, support growth and expansion, and meet any other financial needs unique to your business.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our experienced business lenders can help you purchase or refinance real estate with a Commercial Real Estate Loan. Bank of the James structures monthly payments and amortization terms to meet your specific needs.

Construction Loans

With a Bank of the James construction loan, building or renovating an office or commercial facility is as simple and hassle-free as possible. There is typically one initial set of documents, one support team, and one set of fees. When the construction project is complete, our business customers have the ability to convert the debt to a permanent term loan.  Let our business bankers personally help you with the right option for you and your business.

Letters of Credit

Bank of the James can issue Letters of Credit on behalf of our valued business customers enabling them to comply with third-party construction, insurance, or production requirements.  Approval is subject to the customer’s ability to fulfill the contract. 

Operating Lines of Credit

We understand that timely, convenient access to credit is essential. A Bank of the James Line of Credit provides access to funding for assistance with expenses during periods of tightened cash flow.  The Line of Credit is available on a revolving basis with interest-only payments based on the outstanding balance of the loan. Borrow and repay principal at your convenience.