Celebrating 25 years!

Bank of the James was founded in 1999 as we watched many of our local banks being taken over by large corporate banks and institutions. We saw the level of service and quality of banking available to our community erode as decisions were being made in other states, and customer service was defined by an automated message at the other end of a toll-free number.  In fact, as we turn 25, this is even more relevant in the communities we are proud to serve.  Big bank mergers have been in the news more than ever and not much of that news is good for customers. Bank of the James remains determined to be the finest financial institution in our region, serving you with integrity, compassion, and expertise.

At Bank of the James, we’re committed to restoring your faith in banks. We combine our extensive financial knowledge with our deep understanding of the communities in which we live and work.  We’re unencumbered by the layers of bureaucracy that plague large institutions. We make all of our decisions at the local level and embrace transparency throughout every interaction.  Your bank should be your trusted partner, as often some of the most momentous life decisions – like buying a home, starting a business, or saving for your future – involve us.

We focus on relationships first. By getting to know you, we’re able to find solutions that let you meet your goals and fulfill your dreams. We’re creative and understanding, plus we have the flexibility to customize loans and provide financial solutions that suit your situation.

And finally, we have a phenomenal team. It’s as simple as that. Experienced, professional, and extremely approachable, our executives and staff are also immersed in their communities, where we donate time, energy, and expertise. As a community-minded bank, we strive to serve for good – we support over 250 organizations and non-profits, financially and otherwise. We consider this investment part of our responsibility to our communities and feel it is an honor to do so.  

Thanks to you, we’re making a difference – in banking and in our community.


Bank of the James will be the preeminent financial institution in the communities we serve through superior customer service, our commitment to giving back, and our belief in our team.


Bank of the James will be the financial institution of choice.


Bank of the James recently conducted a values assessment based solely on staff feedback. Here is what our team has put forth as the values that are important to the work we do and the way we live. In short, we believe Bank of the James is built on integrity through teamwork and community!

  • Teamwork – BOTJ staff highly value the energy, feedback, and support that come with being part of a strong and collaborative team
  • Equanimity – BOTJ staff feels strongly about the willingness of leadership to support a healthy work-life balance and the flexibility to allow for personal, family, and spiritual pursuits

  • Integrity – BOTJ staff reflected emphatically the importance of being known as an organization with supreme integrity, character, ethics, and morality

  • Gratitude – BOTJ staff expressed the importance of living with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation
  • Growth – BOTJ feels supported in personal and professional development opportunities
  • Purpose – BOTJ team feels that a sense of purpose and contribution is vital to their satisfaction
  • Service – BOTJ staff expressed their passion for and fulfillment felt by delivering the highest quality of customer service and problem-solving
  • Community – The importance of the larger community and BOTJ sterling reputation for supporting its communities and the pride of staff around that reputation was expressed clearly

  • Autonomy – BOTJ staff feels empowered by leadership’s willingness to allow for self-governance and team decision-making

Bank of the James invites you to “Experience Virginia” through this statewide video, featuring many regions where we work and play, including our corporate headquarters in downtown Lynchburg along the James River!