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    Bank of the James would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helps us to be successful. To our customers, employees and our community, thank you. 

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Simply Grateful
We'd like to thank those who make us successful. Read More
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Save for College

Paying for college can be affordable! At Bank of the James, we have tools to help you plan your expenses and create a budget to pay off student loans. At such a crucial time, it’s important to have a bank you can trust to guide your financial decisions. You’ll be surprised at the stories of students who have been able to start their careers with financial success.

Buy a Home or Car

Start the home search here! Bank of the James offers tools and support to help you understand which mortgage loan is right for you. Our mortgage team can answer questions to help get you financed. Also, you can learn about how to pre-qualify for a mortgage loan. This will help you get a house faster and with less stress.

Planning For Retirement

We’re here to help you plan. At Bank of the James, we care about your retirement. That’s why we have collected ideas to help you save, plan your spending, and make the most of your accounts. We can give you tips that show you how to make the most of your company’s benefits, your personal savings, and assets. It’s easy to start planning now for your retirement.

Serving Communities in Virginia For Over 20 Years

What makes Bank of the James different?

At Bank of the James, we focus on relationships first. By getting to know you, we’re able to find solutions that let you meet your goals and fulfill your dreams. We’re creative and understanding, plus we have the flexibility to customize loans and provide financial solutions that suit your situation. Bank of the James was founded in 1999 as we watched many of our local banks being taken over by large corporate banks and institutions. We saw the level of service and quality of banking available to our community erode as decisions were being made in other states, and customer service was defined by an automated message at the other end of a toll-free number.

We Are Proud

To Serve Virginia