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Mortgage Loans

A mortgage loan helps you get into a new home.When you are ready to buy a home, our Bank of the James Mortgage loan officers would like to work with you.

Whether you’re buying or building your first house, refinancing your current mortgage, or investing in a second home or investment property, Bank of the James Mortgage has the right loan for you. Offering a variety of mortgage products and options, your loan officer will help you find the right loan, answer your questions, and make sure you go from application to approval as smoothly as possible. Our team of mortgage loan officers is committed to providing you with what is important to you. We can offer you quick and efficient service, competitive rates and a variety a mortgage options.

Please contact one of our experienced mortgage loan officers for complete information on current mortgage rates and products. Our mortgage loan officers are available to meet with you at any Bank of the James office location, at your home or office and at your convenience.

We offer mortgage loan programs for the following:

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Construction

We offer loan programs for the following eligible properties:

  • One to four family residences
  • Owner-occupied
  • Second home
  • Residential Investment properties

We can assist you with a variety of loan programs.

Conventional Loans – Fixed Rate Mortgages

  • Fixed principal and interest payment for the entire term of the mortgage
  • Construction loans available
  • Fixed rates available

Conventional Loans – Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM’s)

  • Varied maturities available

Federal Housing Authority (FHA) Loans

  • Ideal for first time homebuyers looking to keep initial monthly payments low
  • Ideal for debt consolidation
  • Fixed rates
  • Adjustable rate programs available

HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program)

  • Allows qualified homeowners to refinance into low mortgage interest rates even if the property has decreased in value.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Loans

  • Rural housing loans with no downpayment
  • Fixed rates available

Veterans Administration (VA) Loans

  • No downpayment
  • Fixed rates available

Jumbo Loans

  • Fixed and adjustable rates available

“TBD” Approvals

Mortgage Loan: Approved!
Address: “To Be Determined”

Bank of the James Mortgage offers an innovative new loan program to homebuyers – before they find their home!

We can complete the loan process – actually approving your buyer – without an identified property.

With TBD Approvals, buyers have the confidence that they have already been approved for their mortgage which means their buying power is improved.

Sellers know the loan process has been completed so there is no worry that the sale won’t close. Buyers can negotiate a good purchase price because they know they can close quicker than with a traditional loan process and they can offer the seller an assured closing.

How does it work?

The buyer completes a mortgage loan application with us, providing us with all of the information needed for a mortgage loan – except for the address! We process the loan and, upon approval, we’re ready to close once the property is identified.

Who is eligible for this program?

Any qualified buyer who is actively shopping for a new home is qualified for this program.

Enjoy the peace of mind of shopping for your new home with your mortgage loan already approved!

Contact one of our mortgage loan officers for complete details.

Reverse Mortgages

  • A Reverse Mortgage is a FHA Government insured loan program that allows the Senior homeowner to access their equity to be used for anything such as paying for medical needs, daily living expenses, home repairs, travel, or simply to enhance the quality of their retirement years. The program is available to homeowners of 62 years of age and older and the home must be owned free and clear of any liens (in some cases, small liens to be paid off by the reverse mortgage are acceptable). The home must be occupied as the principal residence. The amount to be borrowed is based on age, current interest rate, the appraised value of the home and whether or not the money is taken in a lump sum or line of credit. The loan must be repaid when the owner(s) move or sell the home, when they pass away, when ownership changes hands or when the property deteriorates and no repairs are made.

For additional program details, including fees and interest rates, please contact one of our Bank of the James Mortgage Loan Officers or your financial/tax planner today. Third party financial counseling is required.

Mortgage loans are subject to credit approval.

The following items and documentation will be needed to process your mortgage application:
  • W-2s for each applicant for the past two years and current pay stubs
  • Payment history for landlord/mortgage company for the past two years
  • Employment information – two year history
  • Contract of sale and legal description (unless applying for pre-qualification)
  • Bank name, account numbers and balances (all accounts)
  • Bank statements (all accounts) for the last two months
  • Open loans – names, addresses, account numbers, balances and monthly payments
  • Loan information on other real estate owned
  • Certificate of Eligibility/DD214 (VA loans only)
  • Check for credit report and appraisal
  • Self-employed: tax returns, schedules, Year-to-date P&L and balance sheets for the past two years
  • Photocopy of driver’s license or government issued ID

Mortgage loans are subject to underwriting and credit approval.

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