If you have not signed up for Mobile Money, you must do so through the bank’s online Banking Program before you can access our mobile banking service. In order to access Mobile Money, you may use your phone’s browser, or you may download our Mobile Money app called TouchBanking.


  • Make sure you are using a secure internet browser and connection when connected to Mobile Money.
  • Only access links within text or email messages you are expecting, such as during the initial set up of Mobile Money. Bank of the James will never send an email or text message requesting your Mobile Money or Online Banking password.
  • Do not share your Mobile Money password. If you allow others to use your password, you are responsible for any transactions that occur.
  • Make sure you are provided the identifying picture and phrase from the site before logging onto Mobile Money – just like with Online Banking.
  • Log out of Mobile Banking when we are finishing with your session. For added security, Mobile Always protect your information by using a password lock on your phone.
  • Do not save your Mobile Money password or account number on your phone.If you lose your phone, contact your service carrier immediately and have your phone disabled. Also, login to Online Banking and change your password. If you do not have access to Online Banking, contact your branch office for assistance.
  • If you purchased a used or refurbished phone, check it for pre-loaded malware or viruses that can be used to steal your data.
  • Do not leave your phone unattended where others can use it.
  • Confirm that your Bluetooth technology is set to a high security mode so that you must approve any connections or downloads before they are made. Always disable your phone’s Bluetooth function when it is not in use.
  • Money will automatically log you out after five minutes of inactivity.