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Overdraft Protection

We all make mistakes. Don’t let a small mistake affect your credit.

Protect yourself from overdrafts and costly handling fees

Bank of the James offers options for overdraft protection on your checking account, or to prevent you from having your ATM and debit card transactions declined for insufficient funds in case of financial emergencies, unexpected expenses, or account balancing errors. You can set up your accounts to automatically transfer funds to your Bank of the James checking account from another Bank of the James checking or savings account, or from your Overdraft Line of Credit.

Automatic Transfer Accounts

Enjoy the security of automatic overdraft transfers from your other Bank of the James account. When you link your Bank of the James accounts, you can have the assurance that your transactions will be paid (subject to available balances). You have the option to link your checking account to checking, savings, money market accounts and home equity lines. Please note that withdrawals from savings and money market accounts, including automatic overdraft transfers to checking, are limited by federal regulation to six per statement cycle.

Overdraft Line of Credit

Feel confident that your checks, debits and payments will be honored when you attach an Overdraft Line of Credit to your Bank of the James checking account. With the Overdraft Line of Credit, funds are automatically transferred from your line of credit to your checking account to cover the amount overdrawn, up to the line of credit available which is established by the bank.

Overdraft Line of Credit is subject to credit approval. You may apply for this line of credit at any branch location. There are no application or usage fees for this service. Finance charges only apply when your line of credit has an outstanding balance. This is a revolving line of credit and the funds are immediately available after payback. Although the above services were designed to assist you in the event of an overdraft, the best solution is to follow money management practices that will help you avoid overdrafts from occurring at all.