Bank of the James will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, to celebrate Juneteenth National Independence Day!

Benefits of Banking Locally

At Bank of the James we take pride in our commitment to our community. We are a local bank that strives to provide modern, big bank amenities to our customers and help them achieve financial success. However, unlike many big banks, we also work to foster connections within our local communities that help its citizens thrive. It’s this commitment that sets us apart. 

Why Bank Locally?

Relationships are important to us, more so than many other values and missions. We find that by building trust and serving the community, we help create an environment of respect and well-being. This forms a foundation of loyalty that is not easily broken.

We get customers of all kinds, from those who just want to keep their money local to those who are tired of big institutional banks and want to try something new. We understand where these people are coming from. Many people seek personal connections in their communities because that’s how they’re able to show appreciation for and give back to their hometown.

These personal connections are easy to make, too, because Bank of the James employees are real people in the community who care about their hometown. We’re the parents you’ll see cheering on our kids at a football or little league baseball game. We’re people you’ll run into at the grocery store. We care about our community and about our customers, and we want what’s best for both!

What Does Local Mean?

“Local” means more today than it ever has. It means a friendly wave. It means supporting and showing appreciation for the people in your community. It means accountability and going above and beyond the call of duty.

Local is what we strive to be. We want to be the ones who say hi to you whether you’re walking into one of our branches or doing activities in town. On any given day you may see us working in the community, supporting local events like Academy Center productions and nonprofits like the Daily Bread. Our entire community is valuable to us, so we want to provide a friendly face and financial service that you can trust. We’ve gone out of our way to provide the same banking options that big banks do, and even go a step further.

So if you’re looking for a quality local bank that cares about its customers and its community, walk into one of our branches today! We’d love to meet you.