Bank of the James will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, to celebrate Juneteenth National Independence Day!

How Bank of the James Supports Local Businesses

At Bank of the James, we take pride in being a community bank. Communities are made of people, organizations, and businesses, and they’re built on relationships and trust. Some of our most committed customers own small businesses, which are the lifeblood of the local economy. Being a community bank to us means that we’re not just here to support everyday people, but we’re also here to support the organizations and businesses that exist within the community.

We’re Here For Local Business

Let’s face it, being a small business, especially a startup in its first years, is tough. It’s hard work, getting your message out, building a customer base, and getting the funds that you need to meet your business goals. But we love the entrepreneurial spirit that we see in the business owners who bank with us. They want to make a difference, and they want to make a living doing what they love. We want the same, and we want to see people succeed in their business and financial goals. Therefore, we’re committed to coming alongside small businesses to provide them with the resources and support that they need.

Our business clients are amazing, and their testimonies of how they’ve felt supported in their relationships with us are inspiring to us. They find our services useful and love interacting with our employees. They love the experience of calling us or walking into one of our locations and being greeted with enthusiastic and can-do attitudes. Our actions speak louder than our words, and in some of our clients’ opinions, that’s a rare find these days.

What We Offer

Even though we’re a small, local bank, we have the amenities of a big bank, and this is especially true of our business solutions. These services are wide-ranging, from checking accounts to cash management to payroll assistance. One of our most important features, however, is our people, who are ready to provide solutions to your business needs quickly and efficiently. Our clients are pleasantly surprised by how attentive and responsive we are to their needs, and we take great pride in being able to offer that level of customer service.

So if you need business solutions, we are your bank. We’ve been around for over 20 years, growing throughout Virginia all the while, and we have no intention of slowing down. We believe in what we do, and we believe in helping all of our customers and business clients achieve success.