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Our Customers’ Stories


In 1999, Bank of the James was founded with a mission. That mission was to be a community bank in a time and place when big banks were closing their doors and abandoning customers. Today, that promise has grown to encompass more than just the buildings that house money. Our people have become the community that the banking industry was missing. And the people we serve have helped us to spread that mission beyond what we ever imagine.

We don’t believe that customers are just a bank account. We know that each person who walks into our doors has a story, something that brought them to us. Whether they are a small business owner, run a non-profit, value a local bank or are looking to start a savings account for their children, we are here to help.

This year, we want to tell those stories. Each month, we’ll highlight someone who is passionate about Bank of the James and the difference banking with us has made in their lives.

First, we have Dara, who is a mother and small business owner. She came to Bank of the James because she didn’t have time for the hoops and red tape that big banks put her through. She needed a bank that would put her first and help her take care of the task at hand.

Come back next month to hear the story of our next bank customer. 


Dara – youtube Video

Meet Dara

“Bank of the James employees go above and beyond what a normal employee would do for a customer.”